Monday, May 2, 2016

Rural Landscape Painting | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Country Road by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Original SOLD

Country Road, take me home.....

I still miss John Denver!   This rural landscape painting reminds me of his talent and the beautiful songs he left with us.


I walk this road every morning when I am in the Smoky Mts. of Carolina.  The morning light and pastoral scenes are the perfect way to start my days there.

I painted with a palette knife, in a technique I refer to as "color weaving".  It allows for lots of texture in the work as well as very subtle changes in color. This is actually the same scene I painted in a previous post. Check out my Sept 7, 2014 post where I cropped the image and painted with a brush. A completely different composition! That's one of the things I love about art.

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Florida Coffee Shop Painting,Coastal Landscape "Coffee Anyone?" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

Meeting with my plein air group...always an adventure. Where will we go this week? Ah! A perfect spot. This wonderful place with its European atmosphere...stunning marina views and high rise living. There's shopping at your fingertips with everything imaginable from art galleries and boutiques to scrumptuous dining...OH and yes, the best little coffee shop ever. Sitting outside and listening to the music and sipping coffee after that delightful meal. Does it get any better?

10.5 x 8.5 Watercolor on Paper/Available

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Original Contemporary Modern Art Abstract Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

My Heart's Content by Filomena Booth Acrylic ~ 40" x 40" 

My Heart's Content
Acrylic on canvas

My Heart's Content measures 40"x40".  This original gallery-wrapped painting is stretched on 1.5" bars.  The painting wraps around the sides and does not need framing.  It is signed on the side, signed and dated on the back.  A Certificate of Authenticity is included.
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Original Contemporary Abstract Painting

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coming Home | Abstract Environmental Art by International Artist Arrachme

In the spirit of Andy Warhol and David Hockney ,
 “Coming Home”  takes us on a journey of a child in the  presence of the fallen Japanese Maple leaf.
This artwork  exhibits – Gogyoshi Art Project International  in  Museum of Kumanovo, Skopje, Belgium with the poem, Taro Aizu Book, My Fukushima, poem.
The Exhibition brings awareness to the nuclear disaster  in 2011 Fukushima, Japan

A Fallen Leaf
“My present for you!”
The little girl comes,
Open her palms,
Japanese maple:
A small red leaf.

Coming Home
Abstract Environmental Art

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Small Seascape Sunset Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, 6x8" impasto painting

I don't know how you start your days, but, whenever possible, I love to grab my camera and a cup of coffee and head to the beach to watch the sun come up.  With a morning like that, it is impossible to have a bad day!

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120 + shipping
 I like texture in my art and one of my favorite tricks, is to take a failed painting, leave the texture and use the panel again.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Many artists use their canvases more than once, but convential  wisdom is you must sand it down.  I
sometimes do that too, but if I want to do a little expressionism, I say, why destroy all that lovely texture?

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Original Contemporary Modern Art Abstract Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

Purple Dawn by Filomena Booth Acrylic ~ 24 x 24 
Purple Dawn
Acrylic on textured canvas


Inspired by the colors of Florida beaches, this abstract impressionistic seascape depicts a hazy, purple mist moments before it is burned away by the heat of the sun.

"Purple Dawn" measures 24" x 24".  This heavily textured painting is stretched on 1.5" deep wood bars.  The sides of the gallery-wrapped canvas are painted in a shimmery black Micaceous Iron Oxide.  It is wired and ready to hang...all hardware is included.  The painting is signed on the side, dated and signed on the back.

A signed Certificate of Authenticity is included.
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Joy of Being an Artist

Way back last year, I received an e-mail from 10-11 year old boy in Cleveland who was working on an art project.  His assignment was to interview an artist and do a powerpoint presentation.  He asked me a few general questions about my art.  This phone painting is what interested him.

8x10" oil
I am sure many of you receive the same type of requests.  I have had several, from young students.  I always reply, trying to  answer their inquiries, without doing ALL the work for their report.  Occasionally, I will get a "thank you" in return, often nothing.

This young boy from Cleveland, Jake, is not the usual.  We had several exchanges.  He was always extremely polite , and always promised to send me reports.  And he did!  He sent me an outline of his presentation, then I got a video of him giving it.  My favorite question from his audience was "is she still alive?", which he answered with a resounding "yes"...Whew!

My children and grandchildren were excited and thrilled to see all this activity about me in Cleveland.

After a few weeks, he sent me his grade (he aced it) on the project, and I though we were through.  But no....  He also has to do a painting that emulates my work.

Jake's painting
This is my second update on his painting in progress.  Note the picture of my phone, there on the table.

And here  is the finished piece!  Didn't he do well!!?!!

I am thrilled, each time I hear from him.  This has been such an  exciting experience for me and hopefully for him too.  I now understand why people choose to teach, and, what a wonderful teacher he has.  He or she has set him on a road that will stay with him for life. What a fantastic project for a young mind.   Bravo!!

So, for me, painting has been so much more than just painting.  Today, I have a new energy and desire to get back to the lucky am I?  Thank you Jake!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Coastal Landscape Painting, Flowers,Water "A Royal Reflection" Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

While driving over a bridge I caught a bright red flash from the corner of my eye. There it stood, in all its majesty, draping over the river, a beautiful Royal Poinciana. I felt so lucky to have seen it.

 20"x16"x7/8 Oil on Canvas/Available

 $500.00 Click HERE to purchase.

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Small Seascape | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Atlantic Rush by Carol Schiff | 8x10" Oil SOLD

I created this small seascape from my memories of the beautiful beaches that surround us here in the state of Florida.

I painted with a brush and pallet knife to show texture in the waves rushing to shore and the sea oats rising above the protective dunes.

The more I travel, the more I am in awe of our beautiful world, including the beauty of my home state.  It is so easy to forget the beauty that surrounds you.  Take a moment today to find your beauty.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beauty Junkie | Abstract Painting by International Artist Arrachme

Maya Angelou wrote a beautiful poem bringing forth the history of the cotton plantation. 
A small flower with a rich history tied to the cultural changes of mankind.

 My Purple Rain Tribute. Pigment, Gold leaf and unique use of unusual art instruments.

Beauty Junkie
Abstract Environmental Art
24" x 20"

Still Life Bottle Painting, "Fluer de Lis" by Carol Schiff, 6x18x1.5" Oil

I like to collect bottles, so, it is a natural for me to do a still life bottle painting.  I like the fluer de lis on the bottle as well as the bold gold color.

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199 + shipping

 Painting this bottle was a challenge for me, but photographing the results was even more frustrating.  Try as I might, I could not get the correct background color to show.  The image above is much too blue while the one below seems more accurate.

Thank you for viewing my still life bottle painting today and please feel free to pin it if you so desire.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"An Invitation To Fish" Lake Painting,Trees and Water by by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

 20"x16" Oil on Canvas/Available

 $500.00/ Click HERE to purchase.

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Horse Painting, Small Oil Painting, Daily Painting, "Buckskin Mare" by Carol Schiff, 8x10.1.5" Oil

I had a request for another horse painting,  I have not done many of them, but I also enjoy them.  It started with a ride through the valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, where I found several horses grazing.  The buckskin was particularly friendly, coming up to the fence to great us and posing for several photographs.

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150 + shipping
I found it difficult to mix the correct color of this animal, but finally was happy with the results.  I used a palette knife in the background of this small oil painting,  to create the texture of the grasses in the meadow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Roots of Acceptance | Abstract Transdigital Painting by International Artist Arrachme

Strong roots of family tradition wrap around solid rocks of the Blue ridge Mountains. 
Oh, if only they could tell their story.
This piece of transdigital art is a collaboration of husband and wife. 
Photography harmonizing with acrylic on canvas.
Family ties that bind. 
Love that is everlasting.

Roots of Acceptance
Transdigital  art roots of acceptance. 
A family collaboration of photography and painted imagery.
20" x 16"

Florida Landscape Paintng | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Dance of the Wavesby Carol Schiff | 6x8" Palette Knife Painting | SOLD


I don't really understand what it is about water that makes our blood pressure drop, why it is so appealing  to most everyone.

During the hot, steamy summer months, I often wonder why we live in Florida, but this time of the year, there is no doubt.

Paint me a picture of the landscape.
Dance me the dance of the waves. 
Sing me of the legends of the river.
Tell me the story of the sky.
Author Unknown

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cat Painting, Animal Art, "Sleeping Kitty" by Carol Schiff, 6x12x.75" Oil

This is not your typical cat painting.  This kitty was so tired, she was sleeping on steps, in the middle of a tourist attraction.  People climbing up and down around her, trying to avoid her stretched out body and to not step on her tail.  Nothing bothered her.

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$140 + shipping
Apparently, Louisiana cats are tough

The painting is on 6x12x.75" stretched canvas, painted with texture using both knife and brush.

Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you like my little cat painting.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Large Landscape Painting, Storm Painting, "StormFront" by Carol Schiff, 24x30x1.5" Original Oil Painting

In the tropics, the storms come in quickly and violently!  This large landscape painting attempts to convey the power and drama of these events.

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1295. + shipping

I painted with a palette knife and tried to keep all the strokes visible and strong. 

Some areas have extremely thick paint.

This is a study for a 48x60" piece that I am planning.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Original Contemporary Modern Art Abstract Paintings by Filomena de Andrade Booth

Nature's Bounty by Filomena Booth Acrylic ~ 24" x 24" 
Nature's Bounty
Acrylic on canvas


This painting is sold, but you can purchase prints!!
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Original Contemporary Abstract Painting

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