Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daily Painting 1172 Reef Duo Sea Fan Oil Painting

Its oil on gessoed archival mat board, 5 x 7 inches. $100.

Island Sunrise, Tropical Oil Landscape with Palm Silhouettes by Judy Batterson

This 4 x 12" oil on canvas captures the moment when the sun rises, the sky fills with color and the dark silhouettes of the trees stand out against the sky. The sky is clear with the layers of color and the water is calm as it reflects the sky. A few early bird pelicans are flying. Although I am not a morning person, it is definitely worth it to see the sunrise once in a while!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Painting 1170 Lemon Lady Undersea Painting

Its oil on archival gessoed mat board. I was painting the sea fan and background and just saw Lemon Lady's eyes and brought her out the rest of the way. I am enjoying painting these reef paintings so much! $100.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carol at the Vanity 8x8 oil on linen board framed

$130 at David Larson Evans

Daily Painting 1169 SOLD Ocean View Plein Air Alla Prima

SOLD I painted this today from life, sold it hot off the easel! :o) Its 5 x 7 inches on masonite.

Fort Pierce Inlet by Janice Filkins

5x7 oil on linen plein air
Beautiful day in Florida!
Janice or or email me at 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Daily Painting 1168 Pads 'n Palms Plein Air Alla Prima

There is a little story about the palm trees, the two behind the egret. Used to be three, there is the horizontal stump right in back of the bird. I painted that tree, oh maybe seven years ago with the other two, then it was taken out by hurricane Jeanne or Frances. The reason they grew like that is because they had gotten knocked flat by a hurricane years ago, then grew back towards the sun. Its oil on masonite, $200.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Playful Palm, a Fun Coastal Florida Oil Painting by Judy Batterson

This 8x10 oil on masonite painting of a palm along the beach is a fun and colorful small painting that livens up a space. It started out more technical and ended up with loose brushstrokes as the little palm took on its own personality. A tropical breeze and a colorful sky captures fun memories at the beach. I love this little palm tree because it was fun to paint!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Daily Painting 1167 Little Sea Horse Underwater Oil Painting

SOLDThe painting is 5 x 7 inches, oil on archival gessoed mat board. $100.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Legal Poppies" by Maryanne Jacobsen

"Legal Poppies", 9x12, oil on canvas-$69, by Maryanne Jacobsen

"Dress these flowers of fire. They do not grow
In the woods, but in the fields of wheat, or rather
They grow the same in barren soil.
IN the modest and simple garden of the gatekeeper.
They tremble when a train passes,
And trembling, die like those ardent of heart."- Francis Jammes

Jammes was a French poet and his poems are known for their lyricism and for singing the pleasures of a humble country life .

The poppy belongs to the opium family, but its effects are supposedly less powerful. It remains the symbol of sleep and oblivion to sorrow;however, the Greeks associate Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams, with wreaths made of the red flowers.

This painting was done from the leftover paint on my palette after I completed yesterday's painting of the Portland Lighthouse. It has thick impasto throughout as it was done completely with a palette knife, and I have priced it to sell since it was a quick study. Please uses the PayPal button below if you wish to purchase this painting.

If you would like to purchase this painting, please visit my blog at PaintDance.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Portland Head Light", 12x9, by Maryanne Jacobsen, oil on canvas-$350, paintings of lighthouses, Maine art, seascapes of Maine

"Portland Head Light", 12x9, oil on canvas-$350

This beautiful light house off the coast of Portland , Maine has been immortalized on canvas, in photography, as well as in poetry for many centuries. It is truly a magnificent site to behold what with the beautiful lighthouse perched atop the rocky cliffs overlooking a wild Atlantic Ocean crashing frenetically at its feet.Historian Edward Rowe Snow wrote, "Portland Head and its light seem to symbolize the state of Maine -- rocky coast, breaking waves, sparkling water and clear, pure salt air."

The hundreds of thousands of people who visit Portland Head each year would agree; this is one of the most strikingly beautiful lighthouse locations in New England.

My hubby and I took at least a hundred pictures of this lighthouse. This one, with the foliage in the foreground, was the inspiration of today's painting.

I painted it with palette knife and tried to feel the motion of the waves as I attempted to interpret the scene on the canvas.

If you would like to purchase this painting, please visit my blog at PaintDance.

If you would like to read more about the lighthouse, please go here.

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Daily Painting 1166 Vista at White City Park Pink Water Lilies

SOLDHere is another plein air painting I did at White City Park. The tan thing in the middle top is my easel. The painting is 8 x 10 inches, oil on masonite. $200.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Painting 1165 Great American Egret at White City Park

SOLDI painted this from life at White City Park. The egret was very tame and posed for me. The painting is 5 x 7 oil on masonite. $100.

Below see me and my paintings at the orchid show, I won second place! The top two next to me are mine.

Charleston One

Had the pleasure of passing through Charleston South Carolina this summer. Such great memories, wonderful people, interesting History and just a beautiful city! Looking forward visiting again!

Mead Garden Turtle, Pond and Turtle Oil Landscape by Judy Batterson

In Winter Park, an untouched natural piece of Florida has been preserved. Mead Garden is tucked away behind neighborhoods and has provided children a place to explore for years. Turtles are always sunning themselves on fallen logs in the pond. Generations continue to go there to see the turtles. The pond has lily pads and heavy, shadowy foliage which made an Impressionistic composition with cool colors. When I went to sketch and paint, science classes were having a field trip there. The children were thrilled to find the turtle! 18 x 18" oil on masonite. Selected for "Simply the Best" book by Timothy's Gallery and Art-Exchange.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Daily Painting 1164 SOLD Lovely Day at White City Park Plein Air Alla Prima

SOLDWent painting again in White City park, it was a wonderful day, lots of birds and squirrels.

The painting is oil, on masonite 8 x 10 inches, $200.
Non objective image initially started by blowing through a straw onto drops of Gouache. Then I worked with a tiny brush and calligraphy pen. Essay stands for S.A. Straw Art!

"Purple meets Orange", 16x12, oil on linen, by Maryanne Jacobsen

Purple Meets Orange". 16x12, oil on linen- $650 by Maryanne Jacobsen

No rant today, just a painting;0) Hard to tell from the photo, but there is nice impasto in the grape leaves. This autumn still life is very vibrant in person.

If you would like to purchase this painting, please visit my blog at PaintDance.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Autumn's First Kiss, Cape Porpoise, 7x5 ,by Maryanne

"Autumn's First Kiss, Cape Porpoise, 7x5 oil on Italian wood panel-$99 by Maryanne Jacobsen

I really dislike painting this small, but I wanted to try out these Panelli Olio fine wooden panels. The oil primed panels are quite expensive, but I really enjoyed painting on the surface. I'm sure I'll buy more in some larger sizes as the surface was simply awesome to paint on.

When we visited Maine, we spent a couple days at Kennebunkport. It's quite a lovely place with world class shopping and restaurants, but my husband and I always enjoy a more simplistic style, so we avoided the fancy Inns and expensive restaurants completely. We had dinner the first night at the Cape Pier Chowder House restaurant in Cape Porpoise, which is a quaint little fishing village on the fringes of upscale Kennebunkport. Lobster shacks line the piers and colorful boats fill the harbor with ample painting material! The setting at the restaurant is very simple, but the views of sunsets are lovely and you have your choice of sitting inside or outside on the pier. It was a little chilly that night so we ate inside and I ordered two whole lobsters for only $19.99 which includes coleslaw and corn on the cob! Now where else in the world can you get a bargain like that?

To read more about this painting, and for purchase information, please visit my blog at PaintDance.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Painting 1163 Swimming Along Undersea Oil Painting

Its oil, 5 x 7 inches on gessoed archival mat board. $100.

Lost, Oil Beach Landscape Painting by Judy Batterson

Small red boat beached on yellow sand under storm clouds is the setting for "The world is so big and my boat is so small." The boat is so small and lost next to the vastness of the ocean and sky. The storm clouds add to the drama. We have all had times when we feel overwhelmed like this. But we have to experience storms in order to appreciate the sunshine. Using complimentary colors of yellow and violet helps to intensify the scene. Original Oil on masonite.16 x 20" (Giclee available $325)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Painting 1162 Neon Brights and Sea Fan

The painting is 5 x7 inches, oil on gessoed mat board. $100.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Seems like an old Friend", by Maryanne Jacobsen, Rockport Motif #1

"Seems like and old Friend", 20x16, oil on linen-$750 (Note: Please click on the photo if you would like to see the impasto.)

Funny, when I saw the old red lobster shack at Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts, for the first time last Sunday morning, it seemed like an old friend. Hence the title.

The weather was raw, but I knew I wanted to return to this wonderful spot, and so we did. We returned on Thursday and the weather was now dazzling- about 70 degrees with fair skies. My hubby took a picture of the famous lobster shack just as the sun was sinking on the horizon. The light quality was spectacular, and I knew I needed to paint this dazzling old thing as soon as I could. The boat was a problem. Gorgeous as it is, I don't like to paint boats. But I did it, since it was in the picture. The painting was done with a palette knife and has gobs of expensive thick paint throughout, so I priced it accordingly.

This scene is an icon around the world. Known as Motif #1, it is a favorite subject for artists past, present and to come. I hope I did it justice. As the saying goes,"Buckley owned it,Lester G. Hornby named it, but Thieme proclaimed it!" All three of these artists were celebrated members of the wonderful Rockport Art Association, which was founded in 1921. The building is lovely, old New England in style with cornflower blue shutters. It was closed when I was there, but hopefully I'll be back to walk its hallowed halls someday.

If you wish to purchase this painting, please send me an email at or visit my blog at Paintdance.

Thanks for visiting my art blog!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daily Painting 1161 Undersea Sun Glow

Its 8 x 10 inches, oil on gessoed mat board. $200.

"Whale Watchers Cove", 9x12. oil on canvas by Maryanne Jacobsen

"Whale Watcher's Cove", 9x12, oil- $160

Just when all possibility of inspiration had seemingly dried up, my hubby and I took a trip to New England and the tide turned!

We just returned last evening and this is the first time in months that I am actually excited about painting again! We started in Boston and traveled up through Cape Anne and through the scenic towns of Gloucester and Rockport, before heading up to Maine. The foliage was lovely, the seafood was great and there were enough fishing boats, scenic harbors, lobster shacks, and quaint little towns to whet my appetite for painting and keep my creative juices flowing for months to come.

I do not know the name of the lighthouse that I depicted in this painting. (There are so many in Maine!) I do know that it was on one of the little islands off of Bar Harbor, and in one of the many scenic coves off of Acadia National Park. You can take a whale watching cruise right out of Bar Harbor and out to the many islands that dot the coast there. It was too late in the season for us to see any whales, but next time I go to Maine, I definitely won't leave until I spot a whale and some puffins, too!

If you would like to purchase "Whale Watcher's Cove", please visit my blog at PaintDance.

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Lynn Morgan Contemporary Abstract Pastel Paintings

"The Carousel"

28" x 20"
Pastel on paper

This carousel was in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. What great animals they had!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Book 8x8 oil on hardboard

David Larson Evans ...web site

Daily Painting 1160 Blue Sea Fan

Some of you may have noticed this had been sold. Some patrons of mine purchased it for a gift and then the recipient saw another painting they liked better and they wanted to trade. So I said all right and it is back again. LOL! Well actually its aqua and pink too. I was stumped for a title tonight. Its 5 x 7 inches on gessoed archival mat board. $100.

I was out of town for a sad occasion and had no other alternative than to bring my best friend Charlie to the babysitter! When I came to pick him up I was greeted by a wonderful Golden Retriever, hope I translated how happy he was to see me in another medium other than photography. Still plan on working a bit on this guy/gal?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Painting 1159 Spooky Night Miniature Crow Painting

Its 4 x 6 inches, oil on gessoed mat board, $100.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In Your Wake by Jani Lori

24x48 oil on gallery wrap canvas

Daily Painting 1158 Out on a Limb Crow painting

This one is at the Art Bank at the crow art show this month. Its a real fun show, all the art is about crows. Its 12 x 16 inches oil on masonite. $900.

Rosita, Tropical Oil with Boat, Water, Island by Judy Batterson

Pthalo blue and pthalo green made the perfect combination to paint the color of the waters at the southern tip of Florida and beyond. The boat, named Rosita, is anchored while people go island hopping. I love to visit the Keys and see the color of the water! Using a professional photo to enhance my memory of the color, I painted this in my friend Kaye's studio. She gave me helpful tips to capture the movement in the water. Sometimes it's nice to paint together and share ideas with other artists.
9 x 11 oil on canvas.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Daily Painting 1157 Water Lily Day Plein Air Alla Prima

I went out painting with fellow Daily Painter Fawn McNeil Barr today.
It was wonderful! Hundreds of water lilies, all shades of pink,
white and bright fuchsia,
they were growing all over.

...I did one painting, was going to do more but this big egret came walking by,
right in front of me,
he was catching blue dragonflies!

Then some ibis came along too,
I just sat and watched and took photos.
I figured I could paint from them.
I am thinking if I paint these things,
nobody will believe me,
big white birds and big pink waterlilies!
Not too hot or cold,
lovely breeze, just perfect.

The painting is oil 8 x 10 inches on gessoed plywood, I did it on site from life. $200.

Lynn Morgan Contemporary Pastel Landscape Painting

"Lunch at the Marina"

20" x 28"
Pastel on paper

Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Painting 1156 Six Blue Fish Underwater Oil Painting

Not too happy with the photo of this one, it looks a lot better in real life. I'll try and get a better one tomorrow. Its 5 x 7 inches, oil on archival gessoed mat board. $100.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daily Painting 1155 Skating Through Sting Ray Undersea Oil Painting

SOLDThe painting is 6 x 6 inches on gessoed archival mat board. $100.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taxi Stop 11x14 oil on canvas

My Blog

Palm Afternoon, a Coastal Florida Oil Landscape by Judy Batterson

Artists have painted many scenes like this, but I tried to be different by making mine very textural. Heavy layers of paint on the palms, the sand and the seaweed give dimension to the foreground. The angle of the sun creates good tension with deep shadows in the underbrush and highlights on the tops of the palms and mangroves. Slightly impressionistic, the painting shows a natural coastal landscape. 16 x 29" oil on masonite. www,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Daily Painting 1154 Sunny School Miniature Oil Painting

Its 4 x 6 inches, oil on archival gessoed mat board. $100.

Lynn Morgan Contemporary Pastel Figurative Painting

"Painted Mask"

27" x 21"
Pastel on paper

This image was from one of the girls in my previous post "Climb on Me". She was one of the kids climbing on the sculpture in Paris, and she had this wonderful mask painted on her face.