Sunday, November 30, 2014

Small Seascape, "Stormy Beach Day" by Carol Schiff, 6x8 Oil, Palette Knife Seascape SOLD

Living in Florida, we get lots of sunny days.  This time of the year, it is normal for what starts out as a sunny day to suddenly change to black, threatening clouds, as the cool sea breezes collide over land
with hot air from the west.  When that happens, it's time to run for cover as the effects can be fast and violent.  The last place you want to find yourself is on the beach as we live in an area fondly known as "Lightening Capitol of the World".  Every year we read of people who are struck with lightening and often do not survive.  On this day, we quickly ran for our car as the clouds rolled in.  I was happy to get a few shots of the storm.

I tried to capture that moment when the clouds roll in with the azure water quickly turning dark.

Thanks for reading my blog today....hope you have a great week.  Oh, by the way....please pin it!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sky Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, Cloud Painting, "Autumn Skies" by Carol Schiff, 8x10x1.5" Oil

In this small oil painting, the rusty foliage and peachy clouds are the perfect foil to the blue sky.  It's always a happy day when a painting goes together easily as this one did.

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I painted with a palette knife, which is almost always fun, to achieve the texture and subtle color changes I was looking for.

In these hectic days before the holidays, it's always nice to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the world around you.

Contemporary Seascape Painting "Invisible Sea" by Contemporary International Artist Arrachme

 From a paradise yet unfathomed; a timeless transparency.


Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

All of my paintings are triple gessoed and triple sanded to insure the highest quality result.

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Abstract Landscape | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Seeing Better Days by Carol Schiff | 6x8 Oil

This abstract landscape of an isolated structure in blazing sunlight is a memory of the days I lived in Louisiana and Texas.  Often we would find these abandoned structures awaiting a new life.

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115 + shipping
 But it could also be from the countryside of Arizona or even North Dakota, where the weather is very rugged.  Can you tell I moved a lot in my life?  Yes, I spent years and years following my Air Force husband from location to location.  We are so happy to have spread our roots in Florida and North Carolina.

I have to be in the mood to paint with a palette knife, but when I is really fun (and in my case messy).  Most of my favorite artwork (by me) has a least, some areas of knife work.  I really love the texture which I feel brings a whole new dimension to the piece.

Thanks so much for viewing my abstract landscape today.  I hope you will pin it!

 Original Florida Coastal Landscape, Seascape Painting "Afternoon Delight" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

Canoeing on a hazy, lazy day, you come across a deserted beach. The water is crystal clear and is both warm and refreshing, It is shades of blues, greens and lavenders. They match the dreamy sky. Time for a little siesta or a cuddle? 

 16"x20"x7/8" Oil on Canvas/Available

 Prints and greeting cards are also available.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning Light, Knowles Chapel, Oil Painting of Rollins College Chapel in Winter Park, Florida by Judy Batterson, Florida Artist

Rollins College has a beautiful campus of large oak trees and palm trees. The chapel on campus is a Winter Park, Florida landmark. It's lovely to walk the brick streets and take in the morning light. Lovely to paint on campus, too.

Daily Painting, Beach Scene, "Reel Her In" 8x10" Palette Knife Painting

This is the second time I have painted this scene.  The first time, several years ago, was a small 5x7.  I wanted to paint it larger, but couldn't find the image on my computer.  When I finally found it...I didn't have the size canvas I wanted to use (14x18) so, because I was frustrated I did it on the 8x10.

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145 + shipping

I suppose this means I will repeat the process again at some unknown point in the future.

This time I painted with a palette knife and brush.  I like the texture that can be achieved with the knife.  I also have added some great "ocean" colors to my palette.

Who knows....maybe the next time I paint this scene, it will be an abstract!

This is the first painting.  Do you have a  preference? 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Floral Still Life Series, #2, Daily Painting, 6x8"

I have been working on a series of small floral still life paintings in the past week or two.  The images are all from small floral arrangements that I cut from my garden and photographed over the five years.  I never painted them, but always kept the images in my files.

$96 + 6.50

It's odd how you ignore something, something you may see many, many times, and then one day you look at it and magic happens.

When I noticed one of these little pictures last week, it was like the first time I had seen it.  The strong shapes drew me in immediately.

Since then, I have been in a floral frenzy.....painting one after another.  The common factor, other than that they are all flowers, is that each image had back lighting, sometimes strong, sometimes not so much.

So here is #2 in the series.  I will be posting them all, but not in painting order and probably not every day.

This week I am doing several portrait commissions.  After a few weeks of struggling with those projects, I will be ready to return to these simple and refreshing daily florals.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Original Contemporary Seascape Art Painting "Moisture On The Wings" by Contemporary International Artist Arrachme

Drawing Ancient Wisdom and Stimulating The Spirit 


Acrylics on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

All of my paintings are triple gessoed and triple sanded to insure the highest quality result.

This painting is part of the Timeless Transparencies Collection, and is AVAILABLE

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I am happy to announce that Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Artist Embellished Giclee's are also now available.

16"x20" /$189.00
20"x30"/ $249.00

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Florida Coastal Landscape, Seascape Painting "Life Is Good" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

This painting gave me an instant feeling of peace and tranquility. I envied the girl in the red hammock. Wouldn't you love an afternoon nap here? 

Original Florida Coastal Landscape,Hammock, Seascape Painting

16"x20"x7/8" Oil on Canvas/SOLD

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Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Small Seascape |Tropical Waters by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Oil SOLD

If you follow this blog, you know how much I like to paint seascapes.  Not just any seascapes, but scenes from my own little piece of the Atlantic.


The waves were coming in quickly on this day.  I think a "tropical depression" was off shore.  Tropical depression is a weatherman's term, several steps below a hurricane, but usually meaning the winds will kick up to some degree and rain is on the horizon.  Of course, in Florida, this time of the year.....rain is always on the horizon.

This photo is a little wonky.....sorry!  When I take photos of my paintings, I usually have 5-10 paintings to photograph, trying to get 5-6 shots of each.  I get a little production line going...and I guess I didn't pay much attention to how this one was lined up :)

This summer, we have been tied to home and we are missing our annual trips to the mountains. We will be there soon and will really appreciate getting a chance to leave this hot and humid weather behind for a stay in the cool mountain country.  How do you spend your summer?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Small Landscape Painting, daily painting, small oil painting, "Intercoastal Island", by Carol Schiff, SOLD

Today's painting on sale is a scene from my area of Florida.  The intracoastal waterway runs down the east coast of Florida and our city is one of many that grew on it's banks.  The waterway has many little islands that have become boater's favorites for picnics and camping overnight.

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Now for the deal of the day.....Purchase at the link above and you will be charged $89.95 and shipping. You must write 
ART SALE on the order to receive the discount.  As soon as I receive your payment, I will return a credit of $20.00 to your credit card or PayPal account.

This sale is only for readers of my blog, so if you don't write ART SALE on the order, I won't know you saw it here and you won't get a rebate.

Can you believe that the holiday season is upon us all ready.  Each year seems to go faster and faster.  I have been busy taking price reductions on many of my paintings on my Etsy site.  If you have an art lover on your list, please consider checking my site for a very special and unique gift.

Thank you for reading my blog today.  Eat more turkey!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Flower Painting | Floral Still Life | Small Oil Painting | Daily Painting | Geranium Joy by Carol Schiff 8x10" Oil

What could be cheerier on a dreary day that a bright red flower painting?  Geraniums are always a favorite in my home.  This one is painted on stretched canvas and looks fantastic in a bold black frame.

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150 + shipping

This will brighten up even the darkest, most boring corner of your home.

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Once again, my goal was to keep my colors clean and bright and my strokes simple and bold. I think I achieved my goals in this flower painting.  Thanks for viewing my daily painting today.

Florida Coastal Landscape, Seascape Painting "View From The Cottage by The Sea" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

Sunset...the time of day when the ultimate calm sets in and the only way to describe it is utter peacefulness. People marvel at the quickly changing glorious colors, along with the speed of descent. Immediately comes the tremendous applause as the sun slips away. This was my view from the "Cottage By The Sea". Would you like to live here?

20"x16"x7/8" Oil on Canvas/Available

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 Prints and greeting cards are also available.

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Original Contemporary Seascape Painting "Always and Forever" by Contemporary International Artist Arrachme

 Acrylics on Canvas



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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mountain Sunset Painting, Daily Painting, Small Oil Painting, "Blue Ridge Sunset" by Carol Schiff, 6x8" Oil SOLD

This mountain sunset painting is a result of our most recent trip to Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  We were there for the beautiful leaf viewing season, and it was spectacular!  We came home to Florida on Halloween and missed the incredible 22" of snow that accumulated the next day.  I am sure that cut the leaf season short.

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The leaves were not the only spectacular sight!  I find the mountains as fascinating as the ocean with it's constantly changing moods.

This is me, having fun!!

This month, we will be making our first winter trip to our North Carolina home....I am hoping to see that beautiful landscape covered in snow.

Here in Florida, we don't have falling leaves, or snow.  That has not stopped us from getting in the Christmas spirit.  If you have an art lover on your list, check out my Etsy shop.  I have a large selection of original paintings as well as gift certificates.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Sale Will Soon Be Here!

The big countdown to our group Christmas Art Sale has begun.  We have a very frantic few days ahead, setting up our show at Ralph's Art Supply on Highland Ave. in the Eau Gallie Arts District.


Many of the paintings you have seen here on the blog will be available......and at very special prices.  Did I mention to you that I am overstocked on these small daily paintings?  If you have a favorite, contact me.  If it is available I am happy to share those greatly marked down prices with you and ship your art to you.

We have also been busy the past few months putting together special Christmas ornaments and decorations for the sale.

We have candy cane vases in several sizes.  Perfect as a floral centerpiece or a large candle.

For your shopping pleasure, a steady supply of cookies and coffee is available.

I hope to see you at Ralph's Art Supply on Highland Avenue this Friday December 5th, from 3:00-8:00 and Saturday December 6th from 10:00 - 4:00.  Get in the spirit.......the holidays are here!

Original Florida Coastal Landscape Painting "Serenity on Sanibel" by Florida Impressionism Artist Annie St Martin

This is an oil painting. Approaching the Sanibel Lighthouse from this direction on the pathway, I relished in the colorful, late afternoon skies. What a glorious site and an interesting vantage point of the lighthouse with the dappled sunlight peeking through the trees and onto the shell path. 

16"x12"x7/8" Oil on Canvas/Available

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Cold Night at the Studio by Sally Shisler

Cold Night at the Studio
7x5" #201451
Also available as high quality print
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Sally Shisler's Fine Art Prints
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As the weather turns toward the holiday season, we naturally experience some comfort adjustments.  But living in Florida, I hadn't expected it to get SO COLD earlier this week.  Of course the forecast warned us, but still - it's only mid-November.  So I blew a fuse at the studio right before my model, and best friend, came for a session, and we worked indoors in about 60 degree air.  Bless her heart - she was cold, but very gracious. I am full swing now into a few Christmas commissions, as well as getting paintings done for my show in January.  Last couple of weeks I've thrown myself into online 'stuff' - website tweaking, and...

Did you miss out on the chance to purchase your favorite original painting?  An image that really sent you...the one that you were certain you had to have because it brought forth a fond memory, told a story, or simply brought fresh joy to your day? This brand new print gallery collection includes my most popular work from the years 2011-2014. Here you will find all of your favorite images. It's a place where you can view and consider each image carefully because here, there is no such thing as "the one that got away"!

• Three Day Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for January 6-8th, 2015 at the Crealde School of Art in Orlando Florida. (Winter Park Area). $420 for members; $440 for non-members. Workshop is limited to 15 students and will coincide with my Solo Show at Grace Gallery at the Ancient Olive. For more workshop information, please email Barbara Tiffany or call 407-656-4155.
• Four Day Intensive - Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy with focus on clean color mixing based on theory. Workshop scheduled for January 28th-31st, 2015 at my studio, Sally Shisler Palette Knife Painting Studio, in Winter Garden Florida. $450 for 4 days. This will be an intense session where students will be practicing technique and learning how to translate their brush painting skills into palette knife artistry. Intermediate - Advanced.  Workshop is limited to six students. Please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or to secure your spot.

• Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for May 2015 at The Art School in Sandy Springs Atlanta, Georgia. $450 for 3 days. For more information, please email Donna Thomas at 404-313-7356.

• Announcing one day, 3 hour intensive COLOR MIXING sessions at my studio, Sally Shisler Palette Knife Painting Studio, in Winter Garden Florida.  These sessions are designed to help students prepare for their own paintings that they will paint at home with their premixed palette. This is all about thorough color mixing; not actual painting. Each student will be provided with a high quality color print of their selected photograph with a clear breakdown of which colors will be mixed. Preparing a palette of clean, harmonious color before putting knife/brush to canvas gives you a head start on a successful painting. Sessions are held on the second Saturday of each month. Cost is $50. Beginner-Advanced. Space is limited to six students. Please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or to secure your spot.

Private Lessons at my studio in Winter Garden, FL. Cost is $100 for three hours. Those interested, please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or to make an appointment.

• Now Available!  Sally Shisler - Contemporary Impressionist Painter, A Collection of Palette Knife Paintings from 2011-2014 

COMING  IN EARLY 2015: • Sally Shisler - Color Mixing for Radiant Harmony in your Paintings. This book will go in depth on how I prepare my colors from careful subject observation through completion of a painting. Step by step color choices and mixing will be diagrammed with detailed written instruction.


Art Classes with Arrachme, A Fresh Approach to Acrylic Painting

So honored to be teaching at the college-------

 Arrachme will be teaching A Fresh Approach To Acrylic Painting Location , first floor of the Life Long Learning College, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages Florida, 32162, Room Buffalo A

 These classes are now official so sign up right away by contacting, 352-753-3035, or Kathie Campbell.

 Join internationally exhibited and published contemporary artist, Arrachme, to learn fresh approaches in applying acrylic paints to canvas. Each week we will focus on techniques and perspectives that you see in modern award winning art galleries.

 Beginners – Intermediates enjoy painting with easy steps to creating natural landscapes, simple abstracts and adorable seascapes.

Take ordinary to extraordinary effortlessly. You will surprise yourself when you take home two finished paintings. This class will enhance your awareness of the painter within. Not only does each class promise to be fun, you can make new friends with similar interests and stimulate a natural exchange of creative ideas.

 Classes , 2 -2hr sessions - 2 weeks long. Fee $40, $45, $50, 2 finished paintings

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 CLASS NAMES - eight different classes

 2503.301 Class- vertical expression Jan 8, Jan 15

2503.302 Class- horizontal horizon Jan 22, Jan 29

2503.303 Class- abstracting you Feb 5, Feb 12

 2503.304 Class- loosy goosey Feb 19, Feb 26

 2503.305 Class – pour me Mar 12, Mar 19

2503.306 Class – caught in the weeds Apr 2, April 9

2503.307 Class- pile it on baby Apr 16, Apr 23

2503. 308 Class- bless your heart May 7, May 14

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Daily Painting, Oil, Original, Floral, "Sunny Pansy"

This is a re-post from last spring.  I liked the bright yellow flower against the blue background enough to show it to you again.

I must thank the City of Asheville, North Carolina, for filling their park with these cheerful and sunny pansies this spring.

Purchase here

How could I resist this glorious yellow flower?

The weather in Asheville last week, was gorgeous in the mid 70's, and everything was in bloom. Dogwood ruled as it is seen everywhere you look, but these adorable, bright pansies cannot be beat for vibrant color.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mountain Painting | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Grandfather Mountain by Carol Schiff | 6x8" Oil

This mountain painting is a view of Grandfather Mountain near Boone NC.  It was a cold and windy day when I ventured out, but it was worth the effort.

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99 + shipping
 The view was gorgeous!  Mountains and oceans hold the same fascination for me...they are both ever changing in color and mood and filled with energy and movement.

I have just returned from an Elio Camacho workshop and this piece is a sample of me trying to paint like him!  My goal is better color relationships.....he is a master in that area.

Just a and tomorrow, my paint group, Pieces of Eight, is having our annual Christmas sale at Ralph's Art Supply in Eau Gallie Arts District.  Check out the details here.