Monday, November 10, 2014

Wildlife Painting, Bird Painting, Daily Painting, "Great Blue Heron" by Carol Schiff, 8x6" Oil

It gets tricky trying to photograph wildlife.  This time I got lucky.  This Great Blue Heron was very calm as I walked very close to him and started clicking away.  He had his eye on the fishermen's catch and was willing to put up with me.

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I am sorry I could not get a better image of this piece.  The painting is still wet, so I got glare on the bird and the rich colors and values are not showing as well as they should.  I have been working hard on color interaction and am pleased with the color on this work.

The holiday season is officially starting today, so I want to tell you a little about our painting group's art sale which is coming up soon.

This year we are coming out of my garage and also expanding the sale to two days, Friday December 5th and Saturday the 6th.  We are excited to announce that the sale will take place at Ralph's Art Supply on Highland Ave. in Eau Gallie Art District.  We will have our usual great prices on original art, as well as some crafty pieces.

Donna Vines and I have been making these great candy cane vases (flowers not included)  and we will have ornaments and other creative items as well. Contact me here to place your early order.....and yes, we can ship.

Happy shopping today!

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