Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mannion Paints Banyan Street

Diane Mannion, Mannion Paints Banyan Street, 8x10" oil
My hundredth painting for 2012 (about 670 since starting my blog in 2008)!  And I'm happy my 100th is of Banyan Street in Boca Grande, Florida, one of my favorite places to paint.  We're not supposed to plant these gorgeous trees anymore because the roots travel for hundreds of feet and have been known to crack foundations and swimming pools.  This street in Boca Grande is famous, usually a tourist stop for photos during season.  These old trees have survived many hurricanes and are still standing.  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Banana Leaves Oil Painting by Diana White

Colorful Banana Leaves Original Oil Painting Art

Diana White 
 11 x 14 inches on Artist Board

Daily Painting 1440 Beach Dreams Indian River Oil Painting

This is the view down on the river bank, the flowers are from the mother of thousands plants.  There are sea grapes behind them.    I enjoyed painting this, it was one of those paintings that gave me no troubles, just sort of fell together.

I have had a number of people asking me lately if I do commissions, I am happy to, its nice sometimes for me to have the decision of what to paint taken away from me. 

Also in the fall, when the weather is cooler,  I will be looking for some new places to paint in the Fort Pierce area, I need some new inspirations.  Either for just myself or for my painting group; The Plein Air Painters of the Treasure Coast.  If you have a pretty yard, I would love to paint there!

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 The painting is 12 x 16 inches, oil on masonite.
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Price: $500 USD

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cup and Saucer Still Life Kitchen Art

Cup and Saucer Kitchen Art Still Life Original Oil Painting by Diana White

8 x 10 inches on artist board

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Island and Oyster Bed, a Plein Air Florida Palm Painting by Judy Batterson

Boaters on the Intracoastal Waterway in New Smyrna Beach know this island well. It is located between the south and north bridges. The palms grow straight and tall in rows behind the mangroves. Oyster beds can be seen at low tide. I set up my pochade plein air painting box across the river and painted part of the island. The ocean breezes were strong and nearly blew me over! The pelicans were cruising while boats of all sizes passed the island in the choppy water. 5"H x 7"W Price: $ 75.00

Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Painting 1439 Red Hot Ixoras Tropical Flower oil Painting

Its oil on masonite, 12 x 16 inches.  I didn't have an idea of what to paint today, I have been watching a schefflera flower so I went outside for a closer look and on the way back in saw my ixoras so I decided to paint them instead.  Its almost all knife and has really nice textures.

I guess I'll do the schefflera another day.  $500.


Florida Tropical Palms Seascape Clouds Sunrsie Original Oil Painting



Purple Pond

Diane Mannion, PURPLE POND, 10x8"oil
      I don't think this pond, which was located on a farm near Arcadia, had a name.  Was just a puddle which probably dries up when the Florida rainy season's over.  A baby alligator swam in between the lily pads watching me while I wondered where the mother was.   I kept well back from the water's edge and painted fast.  This was completed later in the safety of my studio.  
      Named the pond Purple because I painted with a purple and yellow palette.  Have been reading "The Yin/Yang of Painting" by Hongnian Zhang and Lois Woolley.  (Recommended by Carol Marine). Thought I knew just about everything there was to know about mixing paints but this book is an eye-opener.  I won't get into all of it here but it's worth researching on your own.  The book's available on Amazon.  
      It's all about opposites.  Yin and yang.  There are three palettes made up of the three opposite colors plus black (black!) and white.  The red/green palette.  Purple/yellow.  And blue/orange.  Opposite colors vibrate when next to each other and also mute each other when mixed.  
     The colors in the painting above were all mixed with yellow and purple, black and white.  A warm, a true, and a cool is used for both colors.  Amazing how the colors seemed natural... black and yellow make wonderful greens.  And black and white (like the Zorn palette) make an almost blue.  But boy, did I ever miss my ultramarine
      He's a photo of the baby gator!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Painting 1438 Paradise of Birds

The painting is 12 x 16 inches, oil on masonite.  I used mainly a brush but there is some palette knife work, its not as textured as most of my paintings.  I have four days of work in it, I kept seeing things I wanted to change.  I am finally happy with it.
Our bird of paradise flowers in our yard are blooming right now so we picked some and brought them into the house and I worked from them. Its been a great year for my plants, I have had more blooms on them than ever, lots of rain this year made them happy.  $500.

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Price: $500 USD

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Colorful Old Bottles Still Life Original Oil Painting 

By Diana White

Fun Kitchen Art

7. 25  x 14 inches  On Artist Board

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dunes, a Florida Beach Art Oil Painting by Judy Batterson

This painting of sand dunes was painted with the alla prima technique. I set up my pochade box (small portable paint box) right next to the sand dunes at Smyrna Dunes Park. Painting layers wet on wet made me quickly capture the dunes while the sun was overhead. The ocean breeze made the heat bearable. All in all, it was a beautiful day to paint. 5"H x 7"W Price: $ 75.00

Florida Tropical Palm Tree Sunrise Seascape Original Oil Painting

8 x 10 inches on Artist Board

by Diana White

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Florida Banana Tree Leaves Original Oil Painting

 by Diana White

5.34 x 11 inches

on Artist Board

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cupcake Chocolate Frosted Original Oil Painting 

By Diana White

 6 x 7 inches on Artist Board

   Kitchen Art   

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lovely Lemon Tree, Yellow and Green Oil Painting of Lemons by Judy Batterson

Growing up in Florida, I took it for granted that everyone had a lemon tree or citrus of some sort. As kids, it was like having decorated Christmas trees in the yards. The beautiful ripe yellow lemons were tart on the inside though. Just like the old song about the lovely lemon tree. As an adult, I now look at the lemon like life....when life gives you lemons, make lemonade or lemon cupcakes or lemon martinis! Price $300 12"H x 9"W


Diane Mannion, Paddle Practice, 8x6" oil
Little boy getting ready to head out for a morning paddle with his dad.  I watched them from a spot in the shade where I was painting.  The river was calm and glittered in the sun, and once in a while an alligator moved slowly along the edge.  Story.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

                                Tropical Florida Palm Tree Red Sunset Original Oil Painting   By Diana White    6 x 11 inches on Professionally 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Painting 1437 Misty Marsh Creek white bird painting

Its 5 x 7 inches, oil on masonite.  I would like to go kayaking here!  Its a lot like places I have gone, out in the savannas.  Too hot for me this time of year, it was 98 degrees today.  $100.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily Painting 1436 Savanna Moonrise

Its oil on masonite, 5 x 7 inches.  I had a good time with this one, I both paintbrush and palette knife on it.  $100.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

"Afternoon Fun" after EH Potthast

"Afternoon Fun" after EH Potthast
(4x4") - 201217
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Bon voyage..... At last, our summer vacation has arrived!  We'll be heading out tomorrow morning; returning next weekend. I will not be bringing my painting equipment, but will have my camera close by.  This is one of the years we'll go to Anna Maria Island here in Florida.  PLENTY of beach scenes!
All I'm bringing is my suit, hat, sunscreen & flip flops.  Oh - a beach chair too (critical). Today's painting was all about cadmium yellow.  It's a tricky one, to be sure.  For me anyway.  It rather goes along with the last study I did of Potthast (below), Balloon Vendor.  Though this time I really wanted to explore what cool, cold weather light looks like.  This too is on gesso board.  I'm loving it!

Don't forget - if you happen to be in the Orlando area during the month of July, you can see my paintings in person at Steinway Piano Gallery (SEE BELOW ANNOUNCEMENT FOR INFO).  There will be an artists' reception on Thursday July 12th, from 6-9.  It's not likely that I will be able to be there, but I will have a 'spokesperson' there to talk to.  I can also meet people by appointment anytime after July 16th. 

There's much in the works lately, and though you haven't heard from me in over a week, rest assured I am working away at organizing my upcoming year.  Workshop Survey will hopefully go out tonight.  However - as you know, I am known to have a hard time doing things exactly when I hope too.
Anyone who has recently asked, I've put you on the list of artists who are interested and you will be part of the survey.  I want to get some idea of where and when the vast majority of folks would be able to attend.

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Diane Mannion, On A Clear Day...

Diane Mannion, On A Clear Day She Can See Forever, 16x20" oil

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Florida Hammock, a Florida Coastal Oil Landscape by Judy Batterson

Palms and mangroves are painted in detail as they grow out of the foliage along the waterway. This hammock, with abundant wildlife and strong reflections, is typical of the marshy hammocks along the low coastal areas of Florida. A cool palette of blues and greens make a calming scene. Very natural and tranquil. This painting was recently featured in the Paint the Town Exhibit at the Gallery at Avalon Island in Downtown Orlando and also at the First Thursdays event at the Orlando Museum of Art. 16"H x 20"W original oil on canvas.

2012 Sunflowers by Jani Lori

5x7 oil on linen panel
Every year at this time I buy sunflowers and paint them alla prima.This years annual sunflower painting is 5x7. Previous years I painted large California sunflowers on 24x30 canvas but could not find the big ones this year. The head of these were only two inches but quite beautiful so I decided on a smaller format.  Available at CFAI galley link below...
To see previous years click

Friday, July 6, 2012

Daily Painting 1435 Jungle Cruise Old boat oil painting

Sometimes I day dream about selling the house and buying a big boat and cruising where the mood takes me.  Goes right along with the daydream about getting a motor home.  I need a vacation, somewhere cool, it was 95 degrees today and humid.  This looks like a nice place to go.

Its 12 x 13.50 inches, oil on masonite.  $300.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Last Minute Surprise...

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Wet Paint ...Jani Lori

24x8 oil on gallery wrap canvas
Just finished this painting. It is the third of the Indian River (Intercoastal Waterway) in the 24x8 format and have not named it yet. It will be added to my website where it can be purchased.
photo of the show from a boat
Hope everyone had a Happy 4TH of July!
I had the privilege to watch the fireworks on the river from a boat. Beautiful evening............
Check out the gallery at CFAI Gallery

Daily Painting 1434 Whispers over the Back Fence tropical fish painting

Its 8 x 10 inches oil on archival mat board.  My mind is totally shot.  I cannot think up a name, asked my husband if he had an idea.  No.  His mind is not working either.   I suggested "A Fine Kettle of Fish"  He did not like that,
 "No kettle!"  he says.
 "Well no" I say, "I just feel like I am in a fine kettle of fish at the moment."  They do look to cute to eat and are very small.

My next thought is "A Finny Adventure"

Anybody out there want to give it a try?  My friend Helen Zapata named it for me,  Whispers over the Back Fence.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Daily Painting 1433 Evening Light Orchid Painting

Its 5 x 7 inches, oil on masonite.  This is one I started awhile ago, tweaked it, liked it better. Put it away to dry and some months went by.   Looked at it again this afternoon, tweaked it again.  I think this is it.  It has lots of textures.   $100.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Painting 1432 Ripe for the Picking! Florida Orange tree oil painting

I had this photo I took of an orange tree, it was pretty uninspiring, the printer is running out of ink for one thing so I made the photo black and white.  I was looking through a magazine, saw someone's painting of some arum lilies, I loved the colors in their painting! 

So I tried matching up their colors to my painting and this was the result.  I had fun, hadn't done that before.  The painting is 8 x 10 inches, oil on masonite, $200.