Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chief William McKinley Osceola in Dugout Canoe, a Florida Vintage Postcard Painting by Judy Batterson

Chief Wm McKinley Osceola (1883-1966) was the patriarch and medicine man of the Miccosukee Florida Seminole Nation. He was known as a great hunter and fisherman and lived all of his life in an Everglades camp 30 miles west of Miami. A direct descendent of Chief Osceola, he presented Pres. Truman a Seminole shirt in 1947 and made headlines. He also broke with tribal tradition and became the first Seminole to send his children to white men's schools. His son, Mike, entered Miami HIgh School in 1937 at age 16. Because of his great strength and size, he played football but "didn't want to hurt the little white fellows", according to an interview. This painting of Chief Osceola in his younger years was from a black and white vintage postcard with color references from other tribal photos. 5 x 7" original oil painting

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