Friday, February 13, 2015

Daily Landscape Painting, "Blue Ridge Switchback" 6x8 SOLD

Today's daily painting is one of my favorites.  We decided to take a drive to Water Rock Knob, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in beautiful North Carolina.


It was a beautiful, clear October day and I tried hard to capture the clear skies and gorgeous fall foliage.

Living in Florida for 40 years, I miss the fall colors and smells I remember from my childhood in Ohio.  It is  the best part of my visits to North Carolina and I try to get there in mid-October every year.

As a child I loved to rake the leaves into a pile and take a running jump right into the middle.  In those days we would rake the yard and then burn the leaves.  There was nothing better than walking to school on a sidewalk covered with leaves, crackling under my feet as I shuffled along.  Evenings conjure up memories of hay rides followed by warm donuts and cider.  That's before the days of Dunkin Donuts, these were home made and covered in sugar and cinnamon.

I am sorry my grandchildren will never have those memories, but I know when they think back on their childhoods they will find something equally as pleasing to remember.

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