Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Figurative Art | Daily Painting | Small Oil Painting | Boy Fishing Painting | Taking a Break by Carol Schiff | 8x10x.75" Original

In this daily painting, I was at the end of Cocoa Beach pier on a hot August day.  This small boy had put his rod and reel aside and was staring intently into the water.  Had he found some fish?  a surfer?  Maybe he was contemplating how cool and refreshing to water would feel.

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 Whatever he was thinking, I hope he remembers this day forever.  When he could just do what boys do.....a modern day Huck Finn.  He reminds me of my son at that age.

This boy is all grown up now.....and so is my son, who has a son of his own that likes to dream of fishing on a hot summer day.


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