Friday, September 5, 2014

Masquerading by Sally Shisler

"Masquerading" 201444
4x4" Oil on board
$200 framed.
Dare I say? Ok - Puck Happens. What is it? It's my super-dee-duper technical term for sticky, raised areas that come when you pull the knife off painting surfaces suddenly and abruptly. It's one of my biggest pet peeves with knife strokes. Why? Because when I do it, I know I'm not using my whole arm to pull the paint across the board. Therefore, I'm not 'feeling' it much and I know for sure I'm losing touch with expression and putting too much focus on something else. I have a student who thinks I should make Puck Happens t-shirts and give them out in class. Or aprons; or what have you. Not sure it's appropriate though. This painting was inspired by the upcoming Halloween season. Not typically my favorite day, but clearly one that millions of folks enjoy a great deal.
FYI - Earlier today I posted my workshop schedule for the remainder of this year, and for what's scheduled so far into 2015. I am working on arranging for one in Raleigh Durham area, as well as one in Carmel too. So for all of my followers who have been asking for years if I do workshops anywhere near them - I'm coming soon!! To the cost - it appears that I forgot to include it. $320 for 3 day workshop in Winter Garden Florida. I have to double check with Donna Thomas at Sandy Springs Art School.

Important News:
Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th - Friday September 26th at SoBo Art Gallery in Winter Garden Florida.  Please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or
Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for June 6th-8th 2015 at The Art School in Sandy Springs Atlanta, Georgia.  Please call or email Donna Thomas at 404-313-7356 or
Private Lessons In my studio. Those interested, please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or to make an appointment for a 3 hour or more session.
Sally Shisler - A Collection of Beach Paintings from 2010-2014  Keep your eyes peeled for my first self published book of 4x4" palette knife beach paintings. 
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