Monday, June 16, 2014

Beach Dancers by Sally Shisler

Beach Dancers - 201431
4x4" Oil on Board
Always best to honor an important event by writing about it immediately after it occurs.  Don't you think?  I've missed so many opportunities to get life's nitty gritty down on paper so that I can relish the fond memories in full. In a nutshell, the week leading up to the workshop, and the workshop itself, was a dream come true!  When stuff happens so serendipitously, like a miracle, maybe it's just not appropriate or even possible to put it to words.  I LOVE to teach - that's what I got out of it.  Might even love to teach a bit more than I love to paint. My students were wonderful - each coming from a different painting background.  Each very capable with their brushes.  Each extremely open minded about learning new things.  Each embracing the palette knives and achieving beautiful, lively work that embodied the goals of my teaching. I couldn't be happier : )   And I can't wait to do it again.  Next workshop here in Winter Garden is scheduled for September 24-26th.  More info on that as time approaches. 

In the meantime, I am now offering private lessons in my studio on Mondays from 10-1 and Wednesdays from 10-1 & 2-5. 

Today's painting was another joy.  These colors and gestures light up my heart.  I switched it up a bit and decided to work directly on gesso board in stead of the linen canvas which I usually mount to the board.  I also (shhhh) used brushes to make the start.  Finished off with palette knife. 

Email me directly to get detailed information about workshop content: Or call me at 321-331-3045.
 Cost for 3 days is $300.  Supplies not included.

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