Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Boy by Sally Shisler

Big Boy - 201433
4x4" Oil on Board
Aaaccckkk!  Sometimes things come easily; sometimes not so much.  I do love the final result with this painting, but BOY, did I have some challenges to face.  Gessoboard - not so much....I'm going to go back to my Centurion linen, which I have been successfully using for years.  Thought I'd try this board to see how I might like it, but it's too slick.  Black dog - BOY, painting "black" is a great lesson.  Paint what you see; not what you think you see.  Let's think...keep your palette and colors clean lest you cause confusion and frustration. I arrived at the painting's title for two reasons.  First I said 'boy' (among other choice words) a lot during the painting, and secondly this is a seriously big black dog for a hot summer day on the beach : ).

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