Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Turquoise and Red by Sally Shisler

Turquoise and Red - 201432
4x4" Oil on Board
This was a workshop demo painting.  Photos were taken outside of each student in the same pose, with the same hat on, with the same lighting direction.  Lots of lessons in this, but the point I wanted to drive home was how to finish off a painting when you're at the final stages.  Careful decisions should be made concerning which elements of good painting can be used to support the image as a whole.  In this demo, I chose to use the red and turquoise colors because as complements, they balance everything else out.  During the workshop, I realized how subconsciously my mind seems to make contrast decisions in sets (first design & shapes, then values, then color families, then lines & edges - etc.).  I wonder how far this can be taken before a painting is nothing more than a hot mess....

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