Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Botanical Fine Art Painting, Butterfly,Nature "POLYDAMAS BUTTERFLY & ARISTOLOCHIA GIGANTEA" The Art of Nature, Fine Art by Mindy Lighthipe

Art by Mindy Lighthipe,Swallowtail butterflies are in the United States as well as in Central America. The Polydamus Butterfly is in the Swallowtail family and is found in Florida as well as in Central America. It feeds on the very peculiar plant family of pipevines. The plant depicted here has a flower the size of a baseball glove, thus the latin name- gigantea. The flowers act as a trap for unsuspecting small insects which fly into the "mouth" of the flower, travel down the throat of the flower and then are trapped at the bottom of the chamber. Here they are dissolved into the plants membrane. Once the flower is dead, a huge seed pod is formed which splits open spraying the seeds to the ground. Once the seeds germinate more shoots will climb in a profusion of  intermingling vines. The female Polydamus lays her eggs on this plant and the caterpillars  eat the leaves as well as the flowers. The caterpillar pupates and uses a thin filament or support to attach itself to a stem. The chrysalis looks like a twig or a rock climber attaching himself to the side of a cliff! 

24"x20" Watercolor on Paper/Available

$2000  Click HERE to purchase.

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Give the Gift of ART this Holiday Season....

These whimsical, charming little art reproductions on canvas make the perfect gifts. They are from my original paintings and are brilliantly colorful! You can buy them individually or they make great groupings. I am offering them this holiday season in 2 sizes: 6" x 6" and 10" x 10". In order to receive them by December 25, 2016 make sure you order no later than December 9, 2016. Shipping is free to the continental USA.

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Art and Photography Workshop to Costa Rica 

Join Artist Mindy Lighthipe and Photographer Nancy Richmond on an Artistic Adventure Tour to Costa Rica.

March 8 – 17, 2017 


Check out the video above to see some of the highlights from our 2016 Art & Photography workshop in Costa Rica last year.

Each year our itinerary changes a little bit. The 10 day tour is where the rainforest is our classroom. Learn field sketching, digital photography for all levels. 

Click HERE for details and Itinerary!!

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