Saturday, August 30, 2014

Drum Solo by Sally Shisler

"Drum Solo" 201442
4x4" Oil on Board
Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Sting, Tears for Fears....this gives me away - went to college in the late 80's. I'm sorry; it remains my favorite music to paint to. Plus, since I've been working on Drum Solo, it suits. I have to thank everyone for all the positive, encouraging, lovely, happy-happy comments! I guess I should have joined FB a long time ago. This little painting was HARD! I've been getting lots of questions about sizes, technique, materials, etc. What I see; why I leave some things in and take some things out. The longer I paint, the more abstract my vision is. Goal is to say just enough without overstating. I think it's interesting to wonder what might have gone in spaces that appear untreated/neglected/forgotten/avoided . I'm not good enough to render everything anyway - let's be honest. But for spaces that I might be avoiding, I ask myself if the element I'm considering really matters. It's hard to answer my own question in the heat of the moment; sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes I scrape a whole section off and start again.
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