Saturday, August 2, 2014

High Fashion at the Beach

High Fashion at the Beach - 201436  
4x4" Oil on Board
So refreshing to let loose with a bristle brush these past few weeks.  No worries - the palette knives are still by my side.  I have learned so much over the years while using only knives and can begin to see how this is translating suitably into my brush work.  Perhaps in my own mind... I almost titled this piece Hot Spots because I've used a lot of bright red to define my layout with the joints of the figures as connecting points in the design.  If the joints are placed reasonably close to their proper anatomical location, you are pretty much home free.  From here, I am seeing that it matters little how the strokes travel through the rest of the painting - particularly from the extremities (arms & legs).  I love the lyrical quality of the bristle brushes; they create lines much like a calligraphic signature.

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