Sunday, August 24, 2014

Finding Beauties by Sally Shisler

Still painting smalls.  Gearing up slowly for bigs.  Experimenting with new surfaces and substrates.  For a long time I've used Centurion Linen sheets mounted on either superior quality gatorboard (which survives a surprising amount of abuse) or Ampersand gessoboard - which is more recently. Going through my stock (you know, the stuff that we buy then squirrel away for use in the next brilliant painting, which will obviously be better because of it...then forget we have it), I found some Ampersand wood blocks 4x4".  I never used them for anything because I hadn't realized I ordered the ones that were about 1.5" thicker than I wanted.  Anyway - found them yesterday and decided to try them out for my smalls.  Being impatient and ill prepared to do this the right way, I painted directly on the wood without any kind of priming.  Loved the light color of the natural wood - very useful in establishing values right away.  And really love the way my knife sails right over the surface. Which solves a lot of the issues I have with poorly made strokes. They are never perfect as in my mind, but I think maybe on this wood I have a better chance of making the strokes I intend.  I have developed a HUGE pet peeve about unexpected dips and valleys in my knife strokes - especially around my figural pieces. It's because I use the movement and direction of the knife to support the overall design. Knives create depth in the paint.  For me, I think this must be studied carefully before making the marks. Sometimes I think about the next single stroke for a very long time. Might be akin to surgery. Not sure how I ended up with this mind set after beginning my knife painting adventure years ago with large canvases so that I could experience freedom and spontaneity. These smalls, though, have turned out to be invaluable little lessons in all the important things that go into successful painting. This painting has strengths and weaknesses.  I am trying to let go of the harsh judgements I make and find contentment in the parts that are good and sound.

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