Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Violin Solo by Sally Shisler

Violin Solo - 201430, 4x4" Oil on Board
This painting is sold but I may have others like it...
OMG - This is the 3rd time I've tried to get this post going after writing very beautiful, eloquent words (ha) and attaching a photo - everything goes haywire, kaplooey. Anyway - let's try one more time...I talked about loving the process that I've used in these last few paintings. That I think I'm gaining ground on what I have been wanting to say in my work, and how I've been wanting to say it. i love what the palette knife can do - after years of practice, I'm beginning to get a 'grip' on how to control it. It can be very unpredictable, but oh so beautiful when a stroke lays down as planned. I also am plugging my upcoming workshops - next one here in Winter Garden Fl., at end of Sept. I'll post more about it soon. If you want details right away, just message or email me. And I talked about how it's tricky as a teacher to find your own path evolving faster than you can teach students who are signed up to learn your experience; see you share your knowledge, etc. based on what they've seen you do last week. A hoot, and confusing. That said - I LOVE, LOVE teaching and haven't found myself in any real predicaments at all. For anyone who cares to know - I wear my heart on my sleeve. My teaching is really part that and part sharing my personal experience in life. How hard it is to be an artist and a human being at the same time. How inexplicably disastrous our efforts can be and how deliriously joyful they can be too. All depends on our perceptions of reality at any given time. It's important for students to see teachers struggle - that's how they learn best. Wouldn't want to send anyone out into the art world thinking they'll make a million off one successful painting after another. Blah blah - sign up for my workshop if you want to hear more about my philosophies : ) I also teach private instruction!

Important News:
Pick Your Passion Exhibit Open throughout the month of August. Come to see two of my latest paintings at SoBo Gallery's members only August exhibit; 127 S. Boyd Street, Winter Garden, FL 34787
Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for Wednesday, September 24th - Friday September 26th at SoBo Art Gallery in Winter Garden Florida.  Please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or
Palette Knife Technique and Philosophy Workshop scheduled for June 6th -8th at The Art School in Sandy Springs Atlanta, Georgia.  Please call or email Donna Thomas at 404-313-7356 or
Private Lessons In my studio. Those interested, please call or email me at 321-331-3045 or to make an appointment for a 3 hour or more session.
Sally Shisler - A Collection of Beach Paintings from 2010-2014  Keep your eyes peeled for my first self published book of 4x4" palette knife beach paintings. 
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