Monday, May 5, 2014

At the Ballgame, by Sally Shisler

"At the Ballgame"- 201430
4x4" Oil on Linen
What woman wouldn't want to look this gorgeous at their son's ballgame???  Come on, will ya?  Pretty women undeniably have the makings of an engaging painting. They seem to hold one's attention longer - not only for observing, but for the process of painting as well.  In picking up where I left off from my painting frenzy last month, I am happy to see that there truly is some growth.  These are still the small paintings, but I feel a new freshness in them.  More confidence; the opportunity to express more and confine less.  There is much more design going on now - better drawing; more accurate values. Much more intuition overall. 

I believe over the last few years, these little ones have prompted many artists to contact me about workshops.  Up until now, I have only taught my early knife technique, which involves painting on a larger scale, with larger tools and gobs of paint.  All plein air.  The time hasn't yet been right yet to begin teaching on a smaller scale, but I am quickly gearing up for it!   

My first workshop in 3 years will be held next month, Friday June 6th - 8th.  The main focus will still be on loosening up with palette knives; painting larger with more freedom, movement and intuition.  But I have decided to also set aside some time to demo a 4x4" painting and give artists the opportunity to try it out with my help.  Please contact me for information.  The class is limited to 10, and I already have 4 signed up!  Cost for 3 days is $300.  Supplies not included.

I am still working on putting together a collage of the show paintings.  It will come - stay tuned.

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