Thursday, May 1, 2014

Marsh Painting, Daily Painting, "Golden Marsh" by Carol Schiff. 6x8" Oil

Marshes are magical places.  The colors of the season is so distinct.  On this day, I wanted to capture the beautiful colors of fall  in the southern marsh.  The day was sunny and the marsh was glowing with golds and browns and complimentary blues in the sky.

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 In the winter months it wears a beautiful coat of mauves and of course, spring is all yellow-green.  Summer brings a more mature green, often speckled with wildflowers

Whatever the color, I love those marshes and wetlands.  The wildlife is always spectacular.  Just a few miles from my Florida home is a wetland that has become one of the top bird watching areas in the USA.  Bird watchers travel from around the world to capture their beauty.  They often capture the beauty of an alligator or two whether they want to or not.

The marsh in this painting is in Florida.

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