Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mom and Me by Sally Shisler - June Palette Knife Workshop Information

Mom and Me - 201408 
4x4" Oil on Linen
This painting is for sale at The SOBO Art Center in Winter Garden Florida throughout the month of May.  Please contact me directly for purchase information, or Mary Keating at 407-376-8657 or mkeating@@wgart.org.

A different color theme adapted from an earlier painting I did last year.  That painting "Redheads", drew a lot of admirers and I wanted to see if this one would as well.  In the last several paintings I have done, I have used colors that are much more earthy.  One because I wanted to explore them more as realistic colors, and two because I wanted to see how people respond to them as compared to the others. In this one, Me and Mom, the bold colors are back. It's safe to say that you all much prefer the more vibrant colors that I have made a habit of using.  I'm missing my usual one or two comments : )  Strange how we as artists can really like a painting, only to find out that others don't so much.

Upcoming palette knife workshop at the 127 SoBo Art Gallery Classroom 
Friday, June 6th - Sunday, June 8th. 
Email me directly to get detailed information about workshop content:  
scshisler@gmail.com. Or call me at 321-331-3045.
Click this link for online registration form:  
The main focus will be on loosening up with palette knives; painting larger with more freedom, movement and intuition.  Class is limited to 10; 5 spaces left!  Cost for 3 days is $300.  Supplies not included.  Click here for supply list from Jerry's Artarama. 

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