Friday, May 30, 2014

Feminine Wiles by Sally Shisle

Feminine Wiles - Sold
9x12" Oil on Canvas
 This painting of a wild a crazy gal is a blast from the past.  One of my first palette knife paintings, and one of a very few of my portraits painted this way over the years. There is something to it - a painting that expresses her first impression on people.  There were oodles of comments when I first posted this back in 2007.  There will be more work like this as I spend more time in my new studio.  Today is an important day - I'll be painting the walls, clearing the cobwebs, opening the windows (even though it's hot as heck here in Florida) and starting a new journey.

Today also marks the 7 days before my palette knife workshop....

Email me directly to get detailed information about workshop content: Or call me at 321-331-3045.
 Cost for 3 days is $300.  Supplies not included.
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