Thursday, May 1, 2014

"Beanie Babe" by Sally Shisler

"Beanie Babe"- 201403
4x4" Oil on Linen
This painting will be for sale at The SOBO Art Center in Winter Garden Florida throughout the month of May.  Please contact them at 407-347-7996 or for purchase information.
Today's post is the first of about 20 paintings that I just finished for my show as feature artist at the Winter Garden Art Association's 127 SOBO Art Center here in Florida.  In fact, if you happen to be in the Orlando area tonight, there will be an Opening Reception at the Gallery from 5:30 - 8:00pm.  I will be on hand to answer questions and give information about my upcoming workshop that will be held at the gallery's classroom from Friday, June 6th - Sunday, June 8th.

These last few weeks were my first crash session in creating so many paintings in such a short time, as I was invited only 2 weeks ago.  So much learned - a lot of growth - new ideas... My back, neck and eyes hurt, but it's a small price to pay for how good it feels to be painting like a real painter.  I am going to put together a collage of all pieces that are currently displayed in the above exhibit.  They are only available through the gallery at this time (through the month of May).  After which, whatever hasn't sold will be available through my blog.  I hope you enjoy the new work! 
 Please see above for contact information - or you can contact me directly.
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