Monday, February 20, 2017

Contemporary Abstract Seascape Painting "Genetic Gyre" by International Contemporary Abstract Artist Arrachme

Gyre is a circular or spiral motion or form, especially a circular ocean current that gathers together items and forms massive garbage islands. These islands of pollution are  already inhabited by plants and animals.  The artists asks you, “Will these islands of  pollutants  be the next homes for humans”? Genetic Gyre is one in a series of Gyre environmental art pieces intended to draw attention to worthy and most political issue for man kind.

24"x24"x7/8" Mixed Media on Linen/Available

Fine Art Reproductions are Available

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Come Play With Me......

“Quieting the mind, drawing in, allowing are all words that I spent a lifetime in search of”. Then, when I was not monitoring my progress I found it. 

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The Long Awaited Online Courses by Arrachme are NOW OPEN!!!

I love to use gold pigment and gold leaf!

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With 13 Categories to choose from, this proven method applies 12 steps to start the beginner and seasoned artists with good habits and to encourage the seasoned artist to grow. 

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