Monday, February 6, 2017

Abstract, Environmental Art, Egg, Fine Art Painting, “HOPE” by International Contemporary Abstract Artist Arrachme


“Hope” was chosen to go to South Korea to be in the 2nd International Environmental Exhibition- Draw Environment in Art- New Human Environmental Co-Existence. 

This exhibit for me is just as special as the painting because it pulls together a worldwide family of friends, the collaborating arts working together to create social impact through the arts.  The exhibition draws attention to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in Japan, that happened just five short years ago while honoring an emotional nonfiction depiction of the event in Haiku (traditional Japanese poetry), Taro Aizo – “My Precious Earth”.

 30"x24" Oil on Canvas/sold

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Come Play With Me......

“Quieting the mind, drawing in, allowing are all words that I spent a lifetime in search of”. Then, when I was not monitoring my progress I found it. 

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