Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Botanical Fine Art Painting, "PURPLE DATURA" The Art of Nature, Fine Art by Mindy Lighthipe

Purple is my favorite color. When I saw this beautiful double trumpet Datura I knew I would have to have it in my garden! Every year it grows and drops its seeds. Any burst of cold weather in Florida will kill the plant but the wonderful seed heads burst open and the plant rejuvenates itself. It is breath taking and easy to grow!

18"x14" Watercolor on Paper/Available


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I am really excited with the wonderful responses I have been getting about my online classes. I started 2 years ago ad to date have had the privilege of teaching over 400 artists worldwide. I have students from England, Germany, Tasmania, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Russia, Spain, Canada, Italy and of course the USA. The internet has allowed me to work with so many interesting people and it really is inspiring to see them posting their assignments on Facebook and sharing their knowledge. I wasn’t sure I would like this style of teaching because I am used to teaching people fact to face. The more I do it, the more I enjoy…….The internet has allowed the world to be a classroom! I am continuing to offer 3 classes starting  March 22, 2017.

CLICK HERE for a listing of the classes and information about what you can expect if you decide to join us….. We would love to have you!

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